Mercredi AuGust 17 / 22

dId yoU kNow tHAt NoNi TQQK cARe uV TommY

unTiL sHe aRRiVed TeN yEars After he did ...  ?¿?

cLick scRoLL fQr eXpLAnation

refresh Refresh ReFresh as site continally morphs ...

yoU aRe oN tHe LAnDing Page ... a WebLog uV sORts

iT HAs cHAnged conTinUally aS sUCh fOR mAny yEARS

tHIS pAge iN it's LONGerING form NOW hAs bEEn MorphINg eXponentiALLY since December 21st 2021

onLY RecentLY DiD i sTART DAting tHEM ... eNUFF sAID Fred ...

'Likes', 'Dislikes', View Count ALgoRhYthMS have been modifdied so as to ... LIE.

For GQQD Reason ... whY ?¿...  NeverMind ... we'LL eXpLain later ... maYbe ...

For now ... just Let It All Go ...


Tuesday AuGust 16th 2022

be grateful 'NaZeRATH' …

be grateful 'NaZeRATH' …

A scene from ‘A Boy and His Dog’ II …  (subtitle: Ran Out of Girls) …

wHat'd i dQ nOW ? The King Biscuit Boy Incident ?

The red hydrant on Park avenue ?

I had no idea it was Melania’s leg.

When did they change the color of hydrants ?

I tried calling for help. Where have all the phone booths gone ?

Hey Weird AL, "Where Have All the Phone Booths Gone ?"

A spoof on "Where Have All the Flowers Gone ?"
I digress.

It's not that at all Naz.

You ate 'Orion', collar and all.

You know what that means, right ! ? !

Oh and, we have to ask ... Did you happen to eat PawLee as well ?

I don't know. I'm having these blackouts.


cLick Orion’s CQMpanION … WiLL enter kNew paraDIGm bY 11:11 EsT

cLick Orion’s CQMpanION … WiLL enter kNew paraDIGm bY 11:11 EsT

cLick to fINd about this daY ...

cLick to fINd about this daY ...