Welcome to Tawmy dot Calm

Wishing everyone all the best for 2024

Tawmy along  with Rita Miller, and a few others 

 have created and compiled these eclectic collections of original music through the Covid Pandemic

 ‘P.o.P.’ (2020)    'String Theory' (2021)  and  ‘Nazca Lines’ (2022)

Sneak peek ‘Crazy Town’ as well as many others below.


Rarities and Singles

LiL Señorita ... OLaY (Moroccan Roll)

TawmY with JaXaX

A ‘LIVE’ living room performance on the Mando embellished with some backing tracks. This composition was originally inspired back a few years ago when Tawmy got to hang out with the late, great Paco De Lucia for a couple of days during his Cositas Buenas tour back in 2004. See info:

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