We are grateful that we ourselves are not in the 

middle of a natural or man-made disaster at this time. 

However, too much of this world is in immediate need at any given time. 

Please do what you can.


Too many of our sisters and brothers across the world 

have had their human rights, liberties and dignity denied.

If you are not a victim of the many atrocities 

that are affecting too much of our world, 

please count your blessings, and do what you can 

by informing yourself of what’s going on near and far.

Remember that there is a difference between fact and opinion. 

Also question, and consider the motivation that may be 

behind everything you read or share on the world wide web. 

Do no harm.

Almost everything we think we know is inaccurate. Opinions are not facts. Know the difference. Question Everything. Assume nothing.


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