ALL Is Just Fine

TawmY with JaXaX

The paradox of information and beliefs. ALL Is Just Fine from the 2021 album 'String Theory' ... 2022 Remix by Tawmy ... Digital Remaster of Tawmy's reMix Jan. 2022 by 'Team Tim'

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Tommy  ‘Friends’ nudge Nudge wink Wink

get yer aSSes uP here to Higher Ground

LadY’s and GentleMen  ... PLeeZ

pLaYing in two Hangars May 28 / 22

Saturday Pig Roast

Yusuf, you may come as well.

but maYbe you could be â €ât €™ again.

see ESC contest site

to register NOW

ACHTung BaybEEs

 â€˜ Stage Fright ’ by the stage, and not us … strange.


Rita Miller - Bill Jackson 


Bill Jackson

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Music and Lyrics by Bill Jackson

Production and additional musicality on 'Signs' and 'Ashes to Ashes' by Tawmy.

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eMiley agrees with Bill, even when she's a little under the weather ... cLick Her Better🦋

If you're going to FLY in to participate, or spectate, please contact ESC about available space and protocols.

Tommy’s set list

HE’LL be reworking:

Janis Joplin 'Piece of My Heart / Steve Miller - The Joker ( Great Mash uP)

Wish You Were Here

Gallow’s Pole

Behind Blue Eyes

Heart of Gold (with harp)

dance Dance DANCE (with harp)

Good Riddance (with harp)

Give A Little Bit

and more covers 

a few originals

2b Free

Glory & Virtue

Living In A Dream

LiL Seniorita

maYbe more

cOMe FwY WiFF mE

We were out at the ESC today just before the contest begins

BeeYooTeeFuLL DaY Thermals were perfecto ! Pooches all well behaved !!!

Harper ... ya gotta quit chewing the fetch sticks !


You pooped me out ? ... haHaHA ... I beg to diFFer dAwg.


ok, we'll call it a draw.


oK ... i'll shAKe yeR PaW


haw Haw HAW


More  vIDeos uP here SQQN ... goTTa FLICKIN' put them uP on YouTube

pAYshenSS mY aSS !

vIDeo 1 - TuG

vIDeo 2 - BoSS

vIDeo 3 - RuSSion' Tsar oOpsY RUSHin' Star

vIDeo 4 - bRingING HV to dOCK ... Buen Trabajos Hermanos

vIDeo 5 - da sweet Anya ... Da sWEET AnYa ... dA sWEED AnYA

Harrison ... i haVe Your hATs ... FLY in here if yA wannim bACK

AleX ... U2 ... oOpsY ... RUSH here as SQQN as your QuEEn aLLows

Bruce, you cannot land 'Eddie' here ... well you could, 

but you would HOG all the space and put ruts in Airfield

switch planes at EIA ... call me I'll pick ya uP in JEEPster.

vIDeo 6  - HV LayED to Rest ... all while having her wYng oVer Jeepster

Stay tuned for more pics and vIDeos.

Tommy with B.B. and several; sistahhhs and bros

... taking 'First Ryde in Alberta' out to ESC




‘Smugglers Delight’

‘Jefferson’ needs a new home.

1973 Piper Cherokee 140 

25 hrs on new engine

needs some interior work

but otherwise in good shape

$ 33 grand … somewhat negotiable

cLick the red button ... oOpsY ... not the Red Button

 contact Tommy on contact page for more pics and details

cLick Jewel when you can yodel oOpsY

cLick Jewel …

cLicK piX for when ya wanna go GOLFing !

More vIDeos and PiX

coming soon