When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.
- Mark Twain


Man of Colours 54:40

ALL Is Just Fine

TawmY with JaXaX

The paradox of information and beliefs. ALL Is Just Fine from the 2021 album 'String Theory' ... 2022 Remix by Tawmy ... Digital Remaster of Tawmy's reMix Jan. 2022 by 'Team Tim'

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This is my personal website that conveys an ethereal, as well as an existential view of life.

I like to look at existence in the abstract where there are no real absolutes.  

A paradox ensues.

Ugliness can be beautiful just as beauty can be ugly.

The good may turn out bad, and the bad may turn out good.

Just ask Schrodinger’s cat about Quantum Entanglement

This philosophy is not new for me; just listen to my music & lyrics stretching back 40 + years.

Life and thoughts that are divided, confuse us when we see things as solely binary.

Believing oneself right and therefore others wrong may cause cognitive dissonance.

There is no absolute yes or no as there is always a maybe.

There is far more grey than black or white.

There is no right way, or wrong way ... there is only 'The Way'. The Way that you choose.

Through our individual creativity and respect for all life we each find Our Way.

To use our energies to the contrary is wasteful and eventually has dire consequences.

This is my path ... take it or leave it... sometimes I take it or leave it too.

Judge me if you dare tarnish your own soul... at times I have tarnished my own soul as well ...

We are all made in the image of our creator in that our greatest drive

is to create and / or recreate through our arts, our children and our personal relationships.

May your image of our creator be benevolent and have a sense of humour.

It matters to you and me ... maYbe

At times, my ❤️ is heavier than a lead balloon for the friends and family i’ve lost through the years whether through death, lost or dysfunctional relationships. The most difficult ones are lost relations due to a simple misunderstanding, and my effort toward understanding and possible reconciliation has been rejected. The worst ones are the ones where my attempts at reconciliation are turned around and portrayed as attacks so the ‘other’ does not accept and own any responsibility for 'the situation'. Any responses to my asking questions are handled with projection and gaslighting. My ‘spirit’ animal has been chosen for me by such individuals, or groups and their followers as a goat. Thankfully being a student of René Girard, Noam Chomsky, and Garry Kasparov, I understand the process and deal with it accordingly. ...
reflect Reflect REFLECT as often the Self Reflection exposes our truths regarding the matter in question. Sometimes the only way deal with relentless attacks is to offer the option of publicly exposing the hypocrisy of said individuals or 'groups', and their lack of awareness as a whole, but especially regarding Dunning and Kruger. That 'option' is using the Black Mirror that I’d rather not resort to, but at times may be necessary.