One of the few songs by another artist I covered over the years.
"Same Old Scene" is a 1980 song by Roxy Music. The song was taken from the group's number one album Flesh and Blood, and was released as a single in late 1980. It peaked at #12 on the UK Singles Charts and #35 in Australia.[1]
It contains a drum machine rhythm backing and intricate bass guitar work that would become ubiquitous in many Roxy Music songs that followed. "Same Old Scene" plays during both the opening and end credits of the 1980 film Times Square and is included on the film soundtrack album. It also plays over the end scene and closing credits of the 2008 pilot episode for the television series Ashes to Ashes.
Most of the single editions had a non-LP track on the B-side, "Lover", notable for being one of the few Roxy Music B-sides with lyrics. "Lover" was also featured on the Miami Vice II soundtrack album in 1986, the B Side of Bryan Ferry's The Price Of Love single in 1989, and was later included in the 1995 Roxy Music boxed set The Thrill of It All.