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a work in progress


©2022 Rita Miller with Tawmy

Running With The Lions

I have been falling
Falling through doors with no keys
I have been calling
With no one to answer my pleas
I've run with the lions
I have laid down with the lambs
I'm so tired of trying
With no one to hold out their hand

I've been running with the lions
As we're chasing down the lambs
I can taste the fear of dying
When the blood is in the sands
I've been drowning in the river
Trying to reach the other side
In the darkness I'm delivered
Through a door that opens wide
Can you hear the calling?
Don't you hear the cries?
In the morning I'll be falling
Into your angel eyes
Can you see the lightening?
Don't you hear the thunder roar?
The hand is slowly tightening
And it still holds out for more

I have been calling
Out in the darkness of nite
The stars are all falling
As slowly they turn off their lights
Rivers are flowing
Filled with the tears that I've cried
Without ever knowing
The reasons the lambs have all died


I can go zero dark thirty
In less than a blink if an eye
I wait and I worry
For the time when the lions come by
I know they will chase me
For I am a lonely lost lamb
I know they'll erase me
I'm running as fast as I can


Music by TawmY
Lyrics by Rita Miller