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a work in progress


Queens and Kings

There was a time in a faraway land
Where all knew and could understand
The ways of the world from sea to sky
No need to question or ever wonder why
The laws of nature were set to rule
All that ever was fixed in a jewel
Then came a day ...when no one can say
The challenge had begun

Split the stone ... some thought they should.
Ignore the silence as much as they could
They created the word ... once spoken as truth
Danced to the songs to remember their youth
What they would learn ... by the word they could divide
A world that was whole they were unsatisfied
They created their pain and utter disdain
For the jewel that needed no crown

There was a girl who was told she’d be a queen
what she would learn was lying in between
heaven and hell yes she’d pay the price
through compromise of her sugar and spice
In her years she grew to be a lady
through her sorrow and pain she’d learn maybe
(through) walking her fears
and being washed by her tears
that’s how she would earn her crown

There was a boy who was told he’d be a king
and all the fame and fortune it would bring
He saw the world through different coloured eyes
He felt a love that others might despise
In his years he grew to be a man
with the sorrow and pain he’d understand
by walking his fears
and being washed by his tears
that’s how he’d earn his crown