reWorking The Pumps & Orph位n ... A Canadian band that, In my opinion, never got the recognition they deserved.
Added mando ... hooks from 鈥楲iL Seniorita" (
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Coffee with the Queen

漏1980 The Pumps

Wake up in the morning
after spending half the night
dreamin; dreams and Paris scenes
her majesty's in white
a butler led me to her
Corridors and heights
pictures hang and memories sang
and then she asked me twice

Am I the Queen of all your dreams
Or just a sacrifice
No one knows but anything goes
coffee with the Queen
coffee with the queen
Here we go

Next time I will ask her
if only I could dare
my hands got stiff
I was wondering if
the Queen would like to share
If all my dreams so strange it seems
doesn't really care
no one knows but anyone goes
coffee with the queen
coffee with the queen
coffee with the queen
coffee with the queen