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We know GAiA as 'Mother Earth'.

We have not been respectful of Mother Earth and Mothers in general.
Our long standing patriarchal system that controls most societies is due for an overhaul.
My personal long standing opinion is that until a Matriarchal system rules the world
we as a species may be doomed ... in the 'Big Picture', does it matter ?
Misogyny is all too prevalent in the world.
All men, and women are not created equal.
Through educating ourselves, and not playing the roles, or by the rules of labeling
we may break the cycle that has perpetrated injustice for all of recorded history.
Most of the injustices have been carried out by males of our species.
We could learn a lot from Bonobos.

What goes around always comes back around ... so what we give, may be what we get ...

Our choices ... our consequences ... there are always eXceptions as there are an infinite number of factors at play, otherwise we'd all be eXactly the same ...



Yesterday is just a memory ...