From the recording P.o.P. = Principles of Peace

Originally recorded 2001 ... but unreleased until 2020.

This was recorded before we went into rehab at the same time ... so it never got finished.
Stranger things happened ... Looooooooong storY ... use your imajination,
but do not ASSuME anYthYng !!

Hoping to re-record this with entire poem ... when Noni is available.


🦋 אני אוהב אותך עכשיו ולנצח 🦋

Winona Ryder & T a W m Y
& words by Emily Dickinson

Hope is a thing with feathers that perches in the soul ... ( and sings the tune without words, and never stops - at all.)

Two Butterflies went out at Noon—
And waltzed above a stream—
Then stepped straight through the Firmament
And rested on a Beam—

And then—together bore away
Upon a shining Sea—
Though never yet, in any Port—
Their coming mentioned—be—

( If spoken by the distant Bird—
If met in Ether Sea
By Frigate, or by Merchantman—
No notice—was—to me— )