Bittersweet Bundle of Misery

You got me thinking, of the time that we never had
Now I’m dreamin’ … of all the things that I’d like to do with you
I’ve been a stranger, living on the outside
I feel no danger, everything is alright
Maybe I’m just foolin’ myself
Believe in things that just don’t exist

It’s a bittersweet , bundle of misery
Is your mission complete ?… Did you finish your history ?
I suspended all belief … so I’d catch the mystery ...
With You

You found me standing, looking up at the stars in the sky
Where Gods are planning, futures past that are still to come
The necromancer, and the wraith may decide
To give us answers, through the darkness be our guide
It may be simple, but it’s not easy
To forge the way, for all to see the light ...
Be the light

It’s a bittersweet bundle of misery,
Will we turn the page, of our own history
As the arrow flies, when we dream of the mystery ...
It may come True

It’s a bittersweet … It’s a bittersweet
It’s a bittersweet … It’s a bittersweet
It’s bittersweet bundle of misery
It’s bittersweet bundle of misery


This is a rework that began January 1 2020 ...
Just before the death of "The Professor" - ( Pratt )
Neil Peart - September 12, 1952 – January 7, 2020 ,
sIr Neil's lyrics inspired these lyrics.

Original Composition ©2oo4 Alex Lifeson - L e r X s T
Guitar, bass, synth - L e R X s T ( Alex Lifeson )

Lyrics, additional percussion, drums, vocals,
keyboards and production -
T a W m Y
Additional Lead guitar by Jack Semple - j A X A X

n.b. ... entire song stays in one key, it's only the layers on top and the dynamics that change ... we've never done THAT before ... challenging ... and the result ? Well that's a matter of opinion ... perhaps maybe a bittersweet bundle of misery ! ?