From the recording P.o.P. = Principle of Peace


This is a rework that began January 1 2020 ...
Just before the death of "The Professor" - ( Pratt )
sIr NeiL PEArt - September 12, 1952 – January 7, 2020 ,
sIr Neil's lyrics inspired these lyrics.

Original Composition ©2oo4 sIR Alex Lifeson - L e r X s T
Guitar, bass, synth - L e R X s T

Additional Percussion, drums, vocals, keyboards and production
- T a W m Y
Additional Lead guitar by Jack Semple - j A X A X


n.b. ... entire song stays in one key, it's only the layers on top and the dynamics that change ... we've never done THAT before ... challenging ... and the result ? Well that's a matter of opinion ... perhaps maybe a bittersweet bundle of misery ! ?