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From the recording P.o.P. = Principle of Peace

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refresh Refresh ReFResh YOUr bROWser tO hEAR LaTest VersION.
tHIs 4D sTeReo mIX OPTimiZed fOr cOnceRT VoLuMe
fOr yOUr smARTpHONE wITh qualiTY headPHONEs

tHIs sONg comPOSEd oN A Cigar boX guiTar, see sLIDe tab ...

LISTen fOr j A X A X "HANGin' bY A dreAm" @ 1:30 and BURNin' uP the sTars aNd stRIPEs TwOX iN tHIs One ... @ 2:45 aNd 3:53