Diary of a Madman

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March 8 2023

This site has been created and edited by me, a man with mental illness that was kept in check for the last eighteen years with meds, a caring although enabling partner, a secure job, family and friends. At the start of the covid 19 epidemic the meds were altered and ineffective by May 2022 which led to a manic episode and it all started unravelling … whereby i retired too early from the secure job. I started smoking 'street heroin' in July 2022 and by September 2022 i was admitted into hospital and started ‘suboxone’ treatment. 

I weaned down and tried to get off the suboxone mid December 2022, but the withdrawals were so severe that I had to get back on them. The subs are no longer working, and every day is now hell. I may have hypothyroidism now due to the subs, so I can't sleep, I have no appetite, I have anhedonia, my anxiety and depression are worsening day by day. I have severe tinnitus and get shocks through my nervous system from the slightest sharp sound. it's a struggle just to make it through a day, and it's getting worse. I am desperate. I can't live like this but I don't want to die. I will try not to incriminate anyone in telling my story, but the truth must be told. I am opening up in all honesty here on my site here as a cautionary tale. It's all I can do to keep the little bit of sanity I have left.

God Help Me !

Inside the site, I'm working on my ‘bio’ to tell the tales of nature vs. nurture. I was groomed by several people which led to my mental illness that was undiagnosed until I was forty four years old.

From here on down is the evidence of my mania.


The Butterfly Effect

We only see a minute fraction of anything in which to draw any conclusions.

In other words, we don't know anything.

Docta Ignorantia

Freedom exists within any question.

Any definitive answer delivers one

to a prison of conclusions.



there are no answers and no conclusions.

Only endless possibilities.


Those who danced were thought to be insane

by those who could not hear the music. - Angela Monet



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