Tawmy's Stream Of Consciousness WebLog

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dId yoU kNow tHAt ONe uV Tommy's AnGeLs TQQK cARe uV TommY

unTiL sHe aRRiVed TeN yEars After he did ...  ?¿?

cLick scRoLL fQr eXpLAnation

refresh Refresh ReFresh as site pages continally morphs....

yoU aRe oN tHe LAnDing Page ... a WebLog uV sORts

iT HAs cHAnged conTinUally aS sUCh fOR mAny yEARS

tHIS pAge iN it's eXpanding form hAs bEEn MorphINg eXponentiALLY since December 21st 2021

onLY RecentLY DiD i stART DAting tHEM ... eNUFF sAID Fred ...

'Likes', 'Dislikes', View Count ALgoRhYthMS, and ads are virtually non-existant on this site,

and have been 'modified' on our social media platforms.

The strange TrYnarY CoDe prevalent on the site, and irritating to some, is used for purposes of

communication between certain 'geeks' on the darker web. There is nothing nefarious going on within the site.

The TrYnarY code, and other oddities has also kept the site low on search engine rankings,

thereby keeping the ultimate 'SECRET' here a 'S3CR3T'.

For GQQD Reason ... whY ?¿...  NeverMind ... we'LL eXpLain later ... maYbe ...

For now ... just Let It All Go ...




cLick for GPT-3 vs TrYnarY cODe ...

cLick for GPT-3 vs TrYnarY cODe ...

alThOUGH mY LiFe is sOMewHAt an oPEn bQQk HeRe oN wWw.TaWmY.cOM

the ARTicle LiNKed UNder tHE pIC ABove eXplAIns

whY i hAVe aNd mAY cONtinUE USing tRynaRy coDE



aNd tHE IDenTiTies uV mY supPORT netWorX

tHAT wILL remAIn imPoSSible tQ deCiPher

The intention of our work is not nefarious by any means,

but those that would rather us not accomplish our goals

will do whatever necessary, by whatever means to usurp

any rEvolution and undermine any enlightening,

raising, as well as leveling of the playing field for the status quo.


Safer Search Engine

Safer Search Engine