From the recording P.o.P. = Principle of Peace

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mIXes uSuaLLY tAke mAnY DaYz and kNights uV eAr tIRING ListenINg ... oVeR anD oVer aGain ... theN MasTuRing cAn bE mUCh uV thE sAme ... thIs mIX I tQQk uS twO hOURz = 33 TweeTz bY TwUmP ... sO pLeeZe forGiVE uS foR tHis fURst sLoPpy miX ... thE FinAL ChORD maY bE LongUR tHAn tHE LAst chorD iN a DaY in tHe LiFe bY tHe BeATLes ...

sO wE jUSt ADDed FIVe uV tEN gUiTaR traX bY jAXAX aNd we'LL iF aNd wHeN wE gEt tHe saX traX wE mAY bE wURking oN thIS "forEVER" ( sPOKEn LiKe a ValleY gURL ... rIghT HEATHER !?! )